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Champions League Tickets

Football’s premier club competition, the European Champions League has been an unrivaled football event since its inception, wherein Europe’s top-rated football clubs battle to win the beautiful trophy. Every football player dreams of getting their hands on the Champion League trophy, as there is nothing as prestigious as holding the trophy for a football player.

Among the European football clubs, Real Madrid, Milan, and FC Barcelona are three most influential football clubs that have lifted the trophy most of the events. Real Madrid is impressively proud to be the most successful football club with 11 Champions League trophies.

The 61st edition of the Champions League event:

The 61st season of the premier competition is scheduled to take place in 2017 – which is going to be one of the most exciting events with some promising players. And the nail-biting Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Juventus is set to happen at the National Stadium in Cardiff.

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About the Champions League and the Trophy:

The premier competition, European Champions League was brought to the life shortly after theUEFA’s 1st Congress, held in Vienna on 2 March 1955. Though it was not a UEFA’s initiative as most of the members were in favor of initiating a national level competition, but a French sports magazine L’Equipe managed to persuade the members by presenting some reasonable causes for a Europe-wide football competition event.

Real Madrid FC was the first football club that claimed first five finals in a row. Since then, several other football clubs have been doing their best in every event. But no club has been capably ruling the event for a long term.

Champions League Trophy

With 73.5cm high and 7.5kg weight, the Champions League trophy fascinates every football player. Every football club does their best to embrace the trophy. The present-day trophy is the 5th modified version, which is designed by Jürg Stadelmann in Berne (near UEFA’s then headquarters).

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