2017 ICC Tottenham Hotspurs – Time to Win a Title?


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For all the grief Arsenal get for not winning often and the kudos Tottenham are bestowed with for the ‘progress’ they have made, the former has had three FA Cups in four years. The latter, on the contrary, hasn’t bagged any silverware in almost a decade.


One more barren season and this Tottenham crop could be a contender for most talented side to never have won a title.


It should soon dawn at coach Mauricio Pochettino that no matter how exciting his starting eleven is, the culmination point for every talented side is trophies. Silverware is the only real way of gauging success in football.


For the past two years, the Argentine’s charge have been coming up short towards the business end of the season, one reason for which could be a lack of winning mentality.


Pochettino would get a chance to instil that in his band of boys starting from the 2017 International Champions Cup — a series of friendlies which will be played across three countries from next month and where Tottenham are a participant.


First up for the North Londoners are France’s Paris Saint-Germain, whom they will face on July 22 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.


Three days later, they will square up to AS Roma, with their final fixture being against Premier League rivals Manchester City on July 29.


Tottenham will have to be wary of the Parisians, who apparently take the ICC super seriously, signified by them going all the way in each of the last two years.


But one thing that goes in Tottenham’s favour in all three fixtures is that their starting eleven is pretty set, thanks to them being a young side.


So unlike most of their rivals, Spurs, even if they don’t make any major acquisitions, will at least be expected to maintain, if not improve, their level of play from last season.


Unlike most others, Spurs’ fortunes in the ICC does not hinge on what they might buy between now and the start of the tournament, which does make them one of the contenders for the 16-team spectacle.


Of course, all of this is based on the presumption that Tottenham are able to retain what assets they have carried forward from last season. The equation changes completely in case someone like Kyle Walker is shipped to some place like Manchester, because even though there is an able replacement available in the form of Kieran Tripper, Tottenham’s squad is very thin to begin with and cannot possibly survive raids on their talent.