13 cheap Android phones Can WhatsApp (WA) prices start from 100 thousand

In today’s age of advanced technology, communication by phone and SMS is considered less effective. Most people are starting to take an interest in communication media such as WhatsApp or BBM.

WhatsApp (WA) and BBM are almost similar to other social networks, except that they are more private. WhatsApp and BBM apps can be easily downloaded, especially on Android-based smartphones.

Now there are a lot of cheap cell phones that can WA that are sold on the market. These smartphones not only come from small manufacturers, but there are also cheap Samsung cell phone products that can whatsapp and nokia phones can whatsapp.

What then is the price of a cheap range in your opinion? 500 grand? If that’s not enough, there are still 300 thousand cell phones that can also be selected. Here are 10 cheap smartphones that can WhatsApp and BBM.

Cheap mobile phones Can Whatsapp (WA) 100 thousand – 200 thousand

1. Advan hammer CT1

If you are looking for a cheap mobile phone, you can wa at a price of 100 thousand Advan Hammer CT1 may be an option. Although the performance is not the maximum of 100 thousand smartphones, it is quite capable of managing social networks and light games.

It’s equipped with a 256MB Advan Hammer CT1 with Android Kit Kat OS that provides an intuitive, user-friendly look.

While it doesn’t have internal memory on this cheap smartphone, it does have an external memory slot that allows you to store photos and videos. This 100 thousand smartphone also has a camera with a capacity of 2 MP.

2. Brandcode B4S Mate 2

The first cheap smartphone that can WA is the B4S Mate 2 Brandcode which has a slim design compared to other Brandcode series. This smartphone uses metal or gold frame accents wrapped around a 4-inch display panel to make an interesting impression.

Reliance on Mediatek’s dual-core processor that is equipped with RAM’s 512MB capacity is truly price-consistent. Hp 300 thousand can wa Brandcode B4S offers a 2MP resolution rear camera with a 1MP front camera.

Interestingly, the camera on this cheap Whatsapp mobile is equipped with an LED Flash feature. Hp Brandcode B4S continues to use the 3G network and runs on KitKat OS. For its power source, it relies on a battery with a capacity of 1250 mAh.

3. Evercoss A33E

The Evercoss A33E is one of 200,000 smartphones that can WA. Although the price is cheap, this locally produced smartphone is quite designed in its class. Based on Android Kitkata the operation of this mobile is very simple.

This 200k smartphone also has 512MB of internal memory with an external memory slot that can be maximized up to 32GB.

Cheap cell phones Can Whatsapp (WA) 300 thousand – 500 thousand

1. Redmi 2 1 GB RAM

Thus, the cheapest Xiaomi mobile phone, Redmi 2 1 GB ram is sold on the market with only 400 thousand. While it’s cheap, the quality of this Xiaomi smartphone is also quite maximum with 1GB of RAM which is supported by Adnroid kitkat OS.

The Xiaomi Redmi 2 has an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera good enough to capture moments in the form of photos and videos. The battery capacity of 2200 mAh is also an attraction of this cheap Xiaomi smartphone.

2. ZTE V815W Blade G

The next cheap smartphone for Whatsapp is the ZTE V815W Blade G which carries a 4-inch display running on Android 4.4 KitKat OS. The MT6572 processor will support 512 MB of RAM with an internal storage capacity of 4 GB.

This smartphone is equipped with a 1200 mAh battery that claims to last up to 1.5 days for standard use. For camera objects, it is equipped with a 2MP sensor on the back and a VGA camera on the front.

In addition, accelerometer, GPS and Bluetooth sensors are also available.

3. Advan Vandroid S4Z

Advan returned with a cheap smartphone offering to Whatsapp via Vandroid S4Z products. While the price of this Vandroid S4Z smartphone is affordable, the features it has are complete for the size of the input smartphone.

In terms of material, this smartphone is dominated by plastic material to make it feel lighter. Another feature that is also the mainstay of cheap smartphones can WA Vandroid S4Z is the use of dual Flash technology.

Speaking of capabilities, the Vandroid S4Z product is equipped with standard specifications. 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM feel minimal, but obviously this is consistent with its affordable price.

For the processor, the Vandroid S4Z used a Quad Core processor that feels sufficient for standard use.

4. Brandcode B77 MATE7

Brandcode from its first appearance immediately attracted attention because it is able to present products that are much cheaper than other brands. One of the types offered by this brand is the B77 MATE7 variant.

Judging by the design, the B77 MATE7 does not seem to be actually intended for low-class competition. The size is not too large, which makes this smartphone so comfortable to use with just one hand.

On the screen, the frame size used is not too dense, which makes the smartphone attractive.

The specifications used by this cheap cell phone can Be WA rely on 512MB of RAM. Meanwhile, as far as the processor is concerned, the B77 MATE7 uses a Quad Core processor that is certainly able to provide better performance to run several applications simultaneously.

5. Evercoss A74J

The Evercoss A74J is a cheap can of dual SIM card cell phones. The screen size is 4 inches with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with the quality of IPS display technology.

The RAM size provided by the Evercoss A74J is 512MB with an internal storage capacity of 8GB. and can be increased to 32 GB.

In addition, this cheap mobile can Whatsapp 2018 supports and reliable kitchen on the runway to ensure smooth operation and responsive access.

The operating system used is Android 6.0 marshmallow. The Evercoss A74J processor is Mediatek’s eight-core processor with a 1.2 GHz clock and a 400 MP2 GPU.

The connectivity supported by this smartphone consists of 3g network, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless network, hotspot, Bluetooth and OTG.

The camera features are 2MP and 5MP with dual LED flash. The battery capacity has a capacity of 1500 mAh with the Li-Ion type.

6. Brandcode B73 Mate 3

The Brandcode B73 Mate 3 is a cheap whatsapp smartphone that is equipped with a plastic rush with a 4.5-inch display panel and still relies on FWVGA resolution.

It turns out that the plastic material owned by the Brandcode B73 Mate 3 can provide high durability and portability.

Moreover, this cheap whatsapp smartphone is still equipped with camera features that are censored 2 MP and 1 MP, you will certainly never get poor picture quality using this mobile.

To support its performance, this cheap smartphone has a RAM capacity of 512MB to work with a processor still based on the dual-core power of the MTK 72 It’s really a bit sad, but there’s an interesting side.

Where the Brandcode B73 Mate 3 is an Android device that is based on KitKat OS and is equipped with an internal memory capacity of 4GB in it, then we think the Brandcode B73 Mate 3 should be stable enough for as long as the app that occupies it is very simple.

7. Smartfren Andromax C3

Although sold at a low price, the Smartfren Andromax C3 doesn’t look like a cheap cell phone at all. The sleek design of this phone’s performance is supported by dual core processor and Android OS.

With the support of the Android OS, it allows users to download interesting applications. Only with a budget under 500 thousand you can get a cheap mobile for WhatsApp and BBM.

8. Acer Liquid Z220

For beginners, this smartphone from Acer can be a solution in addition to ease of use, the price offered for 1 unit of this smartphone is very affordable at only 400 thousand.

The Acer Liquid Z220 comes with a 4-inch display. While inexpensive, this Acer smartphone is equipped with camera features with a capacity of 5MP and 2MP.

9. Maxtron V7

The Maxtron V7 uses a 4-inch IPS display with a resolution limited to WVGA. This smartphone is powered by a dual-core processor along with ram’s capacity of 256 MB to run the menu in Android KitKat OS.

In the sector, the Maxtron V7 camera is equipped only with a resolution of 2MP or VGA with the support of LED Flash objects. The network is still based on 3G-HSPA, still not bad for Whatsapp or BBM.

10. Mito A82

The A82 bribe is a cheap Can of WA cell phone supported by a 4-inch screen. This display works in WVGA resolution and displays good image quality even in terms of screen sharpness.

Interestingly, while it’s cheap, Mit’s specifications are equipped with a 5MP main camera. There’s also an LED flash feature on the back that helps you take pictures when you’re in a low-light room.

For its performance, the Mito A82 uses a single-core processor with a speed of 1 GHz. The RAM capacity of this KitKat 4.4-based Smartphone is also relatively ordinary as it is only equipped with 512 Mb of RAM, and 4 GB of internal memory is used to store data.


Buying a cell phone is not a matter of spending money on our own, but about how we earn expenses according to our needs.

Sometimes we only need a cheap cell phone that can WA at a price of 300 thousand, 200 thousand or even 100 thousand. So, which cheap Android phone can you choose Whatsapp?